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What’s the difference in our Pregnancy Massage?  We offer the exact massage techniques needed by expectant mothers.A combination of relaxing, nurturing massage techniques are combined with the best clinical applications of massage to provide therapeutic treatment for moms-to-be. This ensures you feel the healing effects of the massage long after your treatment ends.

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Rather than getting a pregnancy massage from someone who is a jack of all trades, who only sees a pregnant mother every month or two, experience a massage from the experts who are skilled in the massage YOU need, a massage designed especially for the mother-to-be.Pregnancy Massage Jacksonville , Childbirth Jacksonville Class , Class Childbirth Jacksonville , jacksonville pregnancy fl massage , Jacksonville Pregnancy Massage , Childbirth Class Jacksonville , fl classes jacksonville childbirth , Jacksonville Hypnobirthing , Jacksonville Hypnobirthing , Jacksonville Hypnobirthing ,

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Hypnobabies?  What is “Hypnobabies”?

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Hypnobabies complete childbirth education course
This is a six-week complete childbirth education course that teaches the same hypno-anesthesia techniques used by people who undergo surgery with hypnosis as their only anesthesia. Materials included with this course: 7 CDs for mom, 1 CD for partner, workbook, handouts, 7 scripts, quick reference and more. There is no class like it! You won’t find these techniques anywhere else. Limited enrollmentDoula FL Jacksonville , classes jacksonville childbirth fl , childbirth jacksonville fl classes , Hypnobirthing Jacksonville , FL Doula Jacksonville , Doula Jacksonville , fl jacksonville classes childbirth , Hypnobirthing Jacksonville , Hypnobirthing Jacksonville , jacksonville massage fl pregnancy ,
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Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy – How to Treat it With Prenatal Therapeutic Massage

Sciatic pain is one of the common discomforts that can affect a woman during her pregnancy. Often women are led to believe that it’s just a side effect of pregnancy and there is nothing they can do about it. In the worst case scenario, moms may not even be able to walk without pain, which sometimes results in prescription drugs to deal with this discomfort. There is a better way to treat this pain that can get rid of the sciatica without prescription drugs!

What is Sciatic Pain?

Sciatic pain is often experienced as a tingling or numbness in the low back, back of the pelvis/buttocks, into the glutes and often down the affected leg, sometimes even into the foot. For some women, it is a mild discomfort, and for others, it can be so excruciating that it becomes difficult to walk, get in and out of the car and function in general. The pain is caused by compression on the sciatic nerve, a bundle of nerves that run from the low back through the hip-rotator and gluteal muscles. When those hip rotators become tight during pregnancy, they can clamp down onto the sciatic nerve, causing compression.

Therapeutic Prenatal Massage Relieves Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

Therapeutic massage during pregnancy is one of the most effective ways to address the many discomforts of pregnancy. With the dramatic changes that the body undergoes during the nine months of gestation, it is common to experience many discomforts in the body. The good news is that a skilled pregnancy massage therapist can help relieve many of these discomforts.

Common pregnancy discomforts relieved by therapeutic prenatal massage:

• Lower back pain
• Hip Pain/Sciatica
• Difficulty sleeping
• Swelling
• Muscle cramps
• Headaches
• Sinus congestion

There’s a BIG difference between a spa-style pregnancy massage, or a Swedish Pregnancy Massage vs. a therapeutic neuromuscular massage that is designed to address specific discomforts of pregnancy.